Club Lotto

The Club has a weekly lotto draw that is open to all members, relatives and patrons. All monies raised go towards the financing of our football teams and the ongoing Youth Development Fund. Tickets are £1.00 and are available from various Club members. The draw takes place each Sunday night in the Social Club. The jackpot, which is £1000 minimum increases week by week until there is a lucky winner(s).

Should the jackpot not be won, a prize of £100.00 is shared between those who selected 3 numbers from the winning line of 4.  Seller prizes are also available. To compete all you have to do is nominate any 4 numbers between 1 and 28, and either: 

- Make your selection on the counterfoil slip in a seller's Lotto draw book, add your name and address, then mark the same 4 numbers on the ticket and give your subscription to the seller, OR 

- Complete a Standing Order facility that is available from Lotto Sellers.

For further details on this or any aspect on the Club Lotto, e-mail -